What Does Evoke Offer?

Evoke Networks offers a comprehensive set of tools and solutions for delivering your media.

Live Streaming (Webcasting)

Do you have an event you would like broadcast over the Internet? Perhaps a meeting, presentation or training session? How about a TV or Radio show? Evoke Networks allows you to stream live over the Internet using widely available and easy to use hardware. You simply send the audio or video feed to our system, and then we make it available to your audience!

On-Demand Streaming (Webcasting)

Adding media to enhance your web site is a great way to attract and retain visitors! With Evoke Networks, you can upload content to reach a wide audience across multiple platforms and devices.

Referral/Private-Label Programs

Many businesses can benefit from reselling Webcasting solutions. Perhaps you are an A/V company that puts on events and needs a reliable Webcasting partner; or perhaps you are a hotel or convention center that wants to add value to your service offering. There are many cases where having a Webcasting solution would prove valuable to your clients. Evoke Networks offers both a basic referral program (you get paid for referring us business) and a more comprehensive white-labeled solution where you can sell Evoke services and have them appear as your own.

Professional Services

Do you need help with a project? Whether it is encoding your media into a modern format, setting up a web site for an event, enhancing content management, planning a live event, or coming up with a complete webcasting solution, we can help!